B is for Biking in the A to Z Challenge Month

bike in front of fountain

B is for Biking. I have become a reluctant yet enthusiastic biker after retiring from running.

I started on this idea of A to Z Challenge in February, long before our world was turned upside down with the onset of Covid-19. I am tempered with the idea of trying to keep my blogging challenge up, to keep some motivation going.

Why am I now enthusiastic for biking?

Visiting New Locations

harpers ferry west virginia

The best part of biking is visiting new locations. I have seen areas of the country that I would have never traveled to if I was just running.

Going farther distances, faster

Riding a bike lets me cover more distance faster. I could not run seventy miles under twelve hours, I am able to do that on a bike.

Campground Greenbrier Trail West Virginia

Gentler on the body

Biking is a non-impact sport. It is easier on the knees and other parts of the body. It allows me to get a good work out without wiping me out physically.

New Challenges

Being on a bike opens up new challenges. Learning how to ride a bike on a trail for example. Or biking every day in April-I’ll explain that one tomorrow.

Learning new things

One of the reasons I never started biking earlier was I was not interested in learning about my bike. (News flash, I still am not interested.) HOWEVER, I have been, and  still am, learning ALL ABOUT my bike, and how to fix it. Why? So I am self sufficient and won’t get stuck somewhere, miles from home with a broken bike.

Personal Class

My local bike shop offered a two day bike repair class in February, two sessions, two hours long. As I ended up being the only person in the class, it was awesome! I got to ask “all the dumb questions” that I could think of.  I highly recommend attending a local bike shop maintenance class, even if it is only “how to change your bike tire”, you will learn a bunch.

This may be a good time to try and get on a bike again. Start slow and bike short distances. Expect your rear to be a bit sore-this too shall pass.

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