D is for Dream in the A to Z Challenge


Your 2020 year is probably not going as you expected. What can you do in these rapidly changing circumstances?

Dream Big!!

Take some time now and brain storm. Grab a piece of paper-or open up a tab on the browser-and start writing. What would you like to do if there was no limit?

Just try it!! Don’t be reasonable. Who cares if it costs a lot of money, is highly dangerous, on the other side of the world, beyond your ability!

Come back and look at your list a few days later. Do you see any similarities? Are there some activities or events that REALLY peak your interest? Are some bucket list worthy?

Do Some Research

Since we have this wonderful miracle called the internet, check out some data dreams. What route could you take if you wanted to bike across the country? Or maybe just the state of Ohio?

Dirty Water Route


There’s lots of opportunities to dream big now. And maybe doing a bit of day dreaming will helpĀ  you cope with reality right now?

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