I Biked Outside Every Day in April


I did it! I biked outside, at least ten miles, every day in April!



Kale Poland is a DecaMan ultra endurance person who became known to me through another ultra endurance friend, Wayne Kurtz. Kale began this challenge two years ago-ride outside in April to make real gains on your biking for the year. I saw some of his crazy posts toward the end of last April,  decided I needed to drink the koolaid and join in this year. It was great to see everyone’s daily posts about getting out there in all the weather to ride.

Mother Nature was kind to me

I had decent weather for most of my rides. I saw folks who were riding in northern states riding in snow, hail, sleet-ugh! Kudos to them! I had some cold days but none of the weather I rode in was less than 38 degrees.  What we all had in common was WIND.

wind gusts


The quarantine made it easier to ride. The days that I worked, my only responsibilities were to go to work,  back to the apartment to sleep, and ride my bike. With everything closed there was no need to *find something to do* on my down time. The days  I was home, we were under the shelter in place rules, and I didn’t go anywhere except to ride my bike.

bike at trailhead


goodr glasses


april challenge

Over 335 miles (the phone messed up a few times), and well on my 2020 goal of biking 2020 miles. It was fun (some of the days), and I am proud to say I completed the challenge.

Are you involved in any challenges designed to push a limit or two?

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