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Collections: Political Buttons

I’ve been collecting political buttons on and off my entire life. My sister gave me a Jay Rockefeller button as a child and I believe that started my hobby.

It was fun to go to garage sales and flea market and find buttons on the cheap.
As I got older, I joined APIC and even attended some local shows. I was not an any advanced level of collector; I would never own the rare Cox-Roosevelt jugate.


I drifted away from it in the last twenty years, although I would always buy a button here and there in antique stores that piqued my attention.

Buttons don’t seem to be generated much these past twenty years. Local rallies hosted by unions seem to garner more button creation.


This is when both candidates, president and vice president pictures are on the button.


I like to find buttons that are local to an area, either specify a location or may be linked to a local candidate.

Clinton Era

I ended up with some quite colorful buttons from the Clinton Gore campaigns. One of my favorites was the Sesame Street Button:

The Anti Buttons

Some of the anti candidate buttons were quite funny.

In perusing my recently purchased items, now I have to come up with several more display cases!

It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Day!

Beaujolais Nouveau Day


It’s the third Thursday of November, that means it’s Beaujolais Nouveau Day! An excuse to drink a very young wine today!

What is Beaujolais?

It is the wine made from the Gamay grape in France. Beaujolais is more of a sweeter fruity wine. It’s fun, not fussy, and meant to be drank-this year!

Clever Marketing

Someone came up with the idea of just bottling up the Beaujolais and selling it without casking it-and it worked! They sell about 54 million bottles in 100 countries.

Price Point?

About 8 dollars to 18. I wouldn’t pay more than 15.99, and only that if you HAVE to celebrate today.

Walking the Camino de Santiago

This walk is coming up in the top of my interest again lately. The Camino de Santiago, or “The Way of Saint James” is a network of pilgrim’s ways, or pilgrimages, which lead to the shrine of Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. There are many routes that pilgrims walk. I am interested in one of the most popular, the Frances, where one starts in France, and ends in Spain.

The Frances

Image from


Albergues are hostels located in about every little town. Multi bunk rooms, you have a place to shower, sleep, perhaps cook a meal. This way you don’t have to carry a tent and camp gear, maybe not even a sleeping bag in the summer months. There are also private rooms available in most towns if you want to spend money for privacy.


Image from

Camino credential-passport. You need one of these for your walk. It establishes you as a pilgrim, where you are allowed to sleep in an albergue and qualify you for a (cheaper) pilgrim’s meal. You have to have your credential stamped at least daily to show that you have walked (or cycled) the route.


I became aware of the Camino de Santiago a few years ago during a random internet search that brought up the movie “The Way” with Martin Sheen from 2010.

In researching it, I was intrigued by having albergues and bars so close together, you don’t really have to carry food, water, gear on your walk.

At the Adventure Summit in Dayton earlier this year, a couple gave a lecture on their pilgrimage-to a packed house! It’s evident that people are interested in “The Way”.

Coleman presentation at Adventure Summit

Have you walked el Camino de Santiago? Would you go on a pilgrimage?




Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week

The third week of November is proclaimed to be geography awareness week. How are you on geography? Is that state Vermont or New Hampshire?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Check out these puzzles for fun!

Can you correctly identify where each state is? (I misplaced Kansas…)

Do you know where the European Countries are? I failed miserably at this! Oh sure, everyone knows where France, Spain, Ireland are located but how about Macedonia, Malta, Albania?

How well do you know South America? Try this “click on the right country” for your results!

Africa! It’s a big continent! Where is Kenya?  Complete this one!

Oh Canada! Identify all the provinces!

if you REALLY want to think, check out this one from Buzzfeed!



Ohiopyle is Just Fine in the Off Season!

Back from a week end in Ohiopyle Pennsylvania!


What kind of name is “Ohiopyle”?

Ohiopyle is derived from “ohiopehhla” meaning white frothy water.  This certainly is an apt name in this area!

Things to Do When not White Water Rafting

Laurel Highland Hiking Trail

OP has great white water rafting opportunities. But even in the off season, there are plenty of activities to pursue.

Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail

Laurel Highlands PA

The LHHT is 71 miles long. There are shelters along the way for over night stays. It is a simply beautiful trail. It is marked with yellow blazes-you can’t get lost-and concrete markers to tell you where you are (or how far you have to go!)

Beam Rocks Laurel Highland Trail


You can hike to waterfalls around OP. Cucumber Falls is the easiest, because you can drive to it, it’s just down the steps.

Cucumber Falls Ohiopyle


OP is a convenient town if you are on the Great Allegheny Passage. The bike trail is far less busy in the off season!



Happy Veterans Day!!

Happy Veterans Day to my two favorite veterans!

Veterans Day

My father served in the Navy in the 1950’s. He was a mechanic and worked on aircraft carriers. He was stationed in  Guantanamo Bay Naval Base,  Cuba.

Dad AirplaneDadNavy


My husband is a former paratrooper, 82nd Airborne Division. He participated in the Grenada Intervention.



Take a moment out of your day to say “Thank you veterans”!

Art Journal Challenge Week 45 Dogs

Art Journal Challenge Dogs

artjournal challeng eweek 45 dogs


Whee! An easy art journal prompt for me DOGS! I first thought to post pics of all my dogs, but then I realized that was a bit of a cop out, this is supposed to be a mixed media challenge for me.

Art Journal Challenge Dogs

I had bought “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” book at the library book sell and cut some Snoopies out of it. I didn’t want the page to become all “Snoopy” instead of “dogs”. I started drawing a few cartoony dog pics.

Right hand side art journal challenge dogs

I didn’t like all the white space around the dogs, that’s when I started printing “dogs” in the various open spots.

My “dog” from Art Journal Challenge Week “Copy something famous” also made an appearance.

Art Journal Challenge Week 45 Dogs

This was fun for me!