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Ohio To Erie Trail Day Two Off Trail in the Ghetto

Day Two on the Ohio to Erie Trail

Other than the last hour or two on the bike, it was a very nice day on the trail.

Day Two Leaving Cedarville

I was trying to time my arrival in Columbus to meet a friend about 530 pm at the Boathouse Restuarant, which is right off the Scioto Trail. I did not leave Cedarville until about 9 am, since it would only be a 50 mile ride.

It Should be Called Wild Asparagus Trail

Prairie Grass Trail

JRA, just riding along on the Prairie Grass Trail, I saw a person ahead venture into the weeds, then re-emerge. As I passed her, I spotted the familiar sight of asparagus in her hand. Sure enough, as I started looking,there was wild asparagus all over this section of the trail!

Prairie Grass Trail

I battled a bit of wind on this morning. While it kept me cool, it made it slow biking.

A short little stop in South Charleston. Where is North Charleston?

Riding along next to the railroad tracks.

Trail Next to Tracks

Still Shady

Despite the flatness of the trail, the trees have grown tall enough to give some shade and I was not out in the open all the time. It was an uneventful ride along with a bit of wind.


London Ohio

London has a great rest stop on the trail for riders! I was meeting a running friend, Steve here. We had lunch at McDonalds in London. Then the two of us rode north up the trail chatting away.

Battelle Darby Creek

Camp Chase

It seemed like in no time we arrived at Battelle-Darby Creek Metropark. Steve rode with me thru the park, then turned around to start back toward his vehicle.

Thanks for the miles Steve, it made the afternoon fly by!!

Camp Chase Trail

I continued following the Camp Chase Trail toward Columbus. This was an amusing sign to see:

Cute Sign Ohio to Erie Trail

Crossing Interstate 270

Crossing 270 Ohio to Erie Trail

As I approached Columbus, literally over the bridge of I-270, the sirens began. So much for the quietness of the prairie. I’m back in the big city.

Missing My Signage

Have I mentioned I hate riding on streets/roads? Vehicles make me very nervous. This is one of the positives of the OTET, all but about 50 miles are on bike trails. However, there are some road sections involved.

A Very Wrong Turn

Sitting here in front of my PC with Google Maps open, now I see what I did. I turned left onto Industrial Mile Road. Then I turned right on Georgesville Road, a very busy road with no sidewalk. I rode with traffic. The Camp Chase Trail was just past the turn onto Georgesville BUT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF the busy road. I didn’t look over there. I was just freaked out being in heavy traffic.

I *knew* I needed to follow Sullivant for a bit, so when I rode by the OTET trail and saw Sullivant again, I turned right onto Sullivant…and into the Hilltop neighborhood.

Wrong Neighborhood

Allison had mentioned something about Hilltop in a previous conversation, that it wasn’t good to go through. I’m glad I didn’t have all this knowledge about it on Wednesday:

In Columbus’ deadliest year since 1991, a cluster of 11 homicides have occurred within a single square mile, in an area referred to as Central Hilltop—generally located between West Broad Street and Sullivant. As a whole, the Hilltop neighborhood has seen about that many murders in the last three years.

According to data from the Franklin County Coroner, this area has the highest rate of fatal opioid-related overdoses in the city. And Columbus Police data shows prolific drug use has led to an increase in human trafficking.

I was not amused. I was downright unhappy. I kept stopping to check the map on my phone-my OTET map wasn’t helping because I was pretty much off the grid.  I knew it didn’t look good for me to stop riding and peer at my phone. I’m sure people could tell I was lost. Lost people can be vulnerable.


I have a license to carry a concealed weapon, and I was carrying my revolver on my entire trip. I was very happy to have that bit of back up on my side if any issues had started on my trip.

Made it to Broad Street

A school bus with lights flashing got the traffic to stop in both directions. I darted across Sullivant in to the quiet neighborhood. Off the busy street, it gave time to focus and regroup and figure out my exit stragey. From my smart phone, I knew Broad Street was north (or up) from me and Broad Street had to be better from where I was.

Sure enough, Broad Street was better, I finally figured my way across the Scioto River, jumped back on a blessed bike trail again, and found the Boathouse Restuarant.

Alls Well That Ends Well

My friend Allison pulled into the parking lot seconds later and took me off for some much needed decompression time! Thanks Allison, for dinner and a place to sleep!

Art Journal Challenge Week Twenty One Triptych


Art Journal Challenge Week Twenty One Triptych

Art Journal Challenge Week Twentyone Triptych


The usual definition of a triptych looks like this:

a picture or relief carving on three panels, typically hinged together side by side and used as an altarpiece.


My Definition of a Triptych

Since I was going on a “trip” I decided my triptych would be a mixed media page about my journey. Maybe it will be in three pieces. I doubt it.  I’m sure it’s going to be messy and disorganized and wild.

Art Journal Challenge Week Twentyone Triptych

I made it through the state of Ohio! I collected some ephemera along the way, but not as much as I thought I would.

Art Journal Challenge Week Twentyone Triptych

Art Journal Challenge Week Twentyone Triptych

I supplemented with pictures taken along the way.

Voila, my triptych of my Ohio to Erie Trail trip!

Ohio to Erie Bike Trip Cincinnati Day One

Day One of my Trip Biking from the Ohio River to Lake ErieDay One

My husband and I stayed in the Millenium Hotel near the Convention Center, close to the Ohio River. I was off early, as I wanted to be through the street section of Cincinnati as quickly as possible.

Ohio to Erie Trail

I staged the bike at Smale Park, then caught a quick selfie with General Cincinnatus Pig to show I did start at the Ohio River. Posing with the Piggy

Riding Along the River

I was familiar with the first eight miles along the Ohio, from running and driving in the area. Right past Lunken Airfield,

Ohio to Erie Trail

I got a little turned around, but consulting the map I rode on. I used both sidewalks and road, depending on my comfort level.

I love Skyline Chili

The weather was warm but not too bad. I was not too comfortable on the very busy Wooster Pike Road before I started on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. at 13.3 miles, I turned on the bike trail.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

This is a wonderful bike trail. Wide, great asphalt, nobody around on an early Tuesday morning. Lots of wet blossoms knocked onto the path from the violent thunderstorm from the night before.

Ohio to Erie Trail

First I thought these were sculptures along the trail, but realized these were old structures probably left over from the railroad.

Ohio to Erie Trail


Ohio to Erie Trail Milford

I hit the famous all trails sign at Milford and stopped for a quick pic. The town of Milford was 0.3 miles away. I decided to keep biking and stop for lunch in Loveland.


Ohio to Erie Trail

I had a chicken burrito for the trail price of 12.00! (Contrast this with my meal in Killbuck a few days later, BLT wrap, ice cream, ice tea for 8.00!!) In Loveland, there are a few road/street intersections, and drivers were very courteous with stopping to let me pass- thanks Loveland!

Peters Catridge Company

I came acrouss this interesting structure.

Ohio to Erie Trail

This was an interesting structure. An old WWII factory manufacturing ammunition. It is listed on both the Historic Register AND on the Superfund Site List because the ground is contaminated with copper, lead, and mercury!

Not too far from here, there was a tree down from the strong thunderstorm of Monday night. Luckily I was able to duck around this right at the side of the bike trail.

Ohio to Erie Trail


I pass under the iconic interstate 71 bridge.Ohio to Erie Trail interstate bridge It’s a quiet day by myself on the trail. I am pleasantly surprised to have tree coverage along the trail.After the interstate bridge, it’s just cruising along until I get to Xenia Station.Xenia Station

Xenia Station

I am happy to get to Xenia because it’s been 68.5 miles on the trail..and I am going on to Cedarville. Xenia looks much different than the last time I visited, January 6, when the temperature was 4 degrees F.  I am tired, ready to be done, but there are more miles to go! I miss an OTET sign in Xenia, but from previous trip I know I can cut over a street and pick up OTET again. I am now on the Prairie Grass Trail.

The sky is looking a bit dark to the west, I pedal as quickly as my tired legs will allow. I check on the smart phone, how far to Cedarville? I finally arrive at my destination, Hearthstone Inn, which is right on the bike trail,  order a pizza, salad and collapse. Day Two will be a shorter distance of about 52 miles.

Art Journal Challenge Week Twenty Mystery


Art Journal Challenge Mystery

Ha! It’s a mystery I got this done at all!

art journal challenge week twenty mystery

I’ve been crazy busy in my “spare time” trying to plant a garden, clean house, and get organized for my 326 mile bike ride next week.  I just realized I might want to have a light with me, now I have to go scramble and look for that.

art journal challenge week twenty mystery


Mystery Hack

Most of this page came from a previously made mixed media in a “junk journal” aka an old Judy Bolton mystery book. This image immediately came to mind, and since “there are no rules” in

art journal challenge week twenty mystery

my mixed media challenge, I pasted them into the “52 in 52” Art Journal. A few more doodles, and voila, Mystery Challenge completed! Whew!

Yes, I am going to art journal on my bike ride next week! Stay tuned!

Art Journal Challenge Week Nineteen Tree Graffiti

art journal challenge tree graffiti


I have a odd little side hobby of photographing tree graffiti. This started on trail runs years ago. I would ponder, whatever happened to MW and CJ? Do they still love each other? Are they together? Do they remember their time in the park, and carving initials on trees?

art journal challenge tree graffiti

Tree Graffiti is Wrong!

I do not condone carving anything into trees. It is one way to kill a tree faster! Please don’t do this! That being said, what is done is done. I wasn’t the person who long ago carved a word, initials, or a heart into a tree.

art journal challenge tree graffiti

Historical Tree Graffiti

A British student has been studying and tracing military tree graffiti, sometimes being able to trace the graffiti back to the soldier and family.

Another cool story from tree graffiti in a Dutch Village to a family in Toronto.

Arborglyphs are tree carvings. The Basque sheepherders in Nevada carved ornate pictures into the aspen trees. Here is a link to those stories, pretty cool!

Supplies Used

Since I realized I didn’t like unused white space, I first painted the page green. Then I doodled in my tree trunks, with my initials and true love “carved” onto the page. Perusing my little art journal folder, I found some actual pieces of tree bark (foraged from the ground, not peeled off the tree!) and glued those in.  I  printed out some of my tree graffiti pics. I got the idea to make a raised “carving” on my actual tree graffiti page. This was done with Elmer’s Glue and paint. Which didn’t work! art journal challenge tree graffiti I then smeared it into a square and added more graffiti on the top.

My printed tree graffiti pics are a bit dark, which doesn’t show too well when I took a photo of the finished challenge, but I am happy with the way this week turned out.

art journal challenge tree graffiti

Next Adventure Ohio to Erie Trail

Next Adventure Ohio to Erie Trail

I wasn’t going to concentrate on my next adventure, the Ohio to Erie Bike Tour, until the Buckeye Trailfest was complete. I turned the calendar page over to May-and there it was, staring me in the face-about three weeks away!

The Ohio to Erie Trail

A primarily off-street recreational trail from the Ohio River to Lake Erie, the Ohio to Erie Trail spans the state of Ohio from Cincinnati to Cleveland for the most part following lands formerly occupied by railroads and canals. The collection of regional trails connects four of Ohio’s metropolitan cities, a dozen large towns and numerous small villages – all done on easily accessible, paved trails that are primarily separated from highways and automobiles.  The entire Route 1 is complete. The total distance as of  June, 2017 is 326 miles.

Just Do It

I procrastinated last fall and lost my days off opportunity to bike the Ohio to Erie Trail. Then I felt quite bummed about it. I decided I would bike the Ohio to Erie Trail-henceforth known as OTET-in the first quarter of 2018.

Biking Miles

I have a local bike trail which is 7 miles long. This is my training trail. When I returned to it last week after Trailfest, I was pleasantly surprised to see SPRING had arrived. Everything is greening up nicely.

Bike Trail

I’ve been getting out there as much as I can. Yesterday was my longest ride to date, 34 miles. Given that my daily mileage is gong to be about double that, I’m a bit leery of the commitment I have made to bike the OTET in five days.

Greenery Spring


This is to be a solo adventure. I can’t see the husband hanging out every day in Ohio when we live in Ohio. I hope he joins me for the last night, then wanders around northern Ohio as I bike to Lake Erie.

Credit Card Camping

I am going to stay in hotels/friends homes for this trip. I don’t have to then worry about carrying a tent and everything that goes with camping outside.


Cinti to Cedarville

Cedarville to Columbus

Columbus to Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon to Massilion

Massilion to Cleveland

Next up, What to Bring on my Five Day Adventure!

Art Journal Challenge Week Eighteen Alice in Wonderland

Art Journal Challenge Week Eighteen Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland!

Art Journal Challenge Week Eighteen Alice in Wonderland

I’ve never seen an Alice movie. Not the Disney, or the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp. All I have read is the book.

Art Journal Challenge Week Eighteen Alice in Wonderland

This was a fun challenge since I got to review some of the excellent illustrations by John Tennel. I particularly liked the Red Queen version.

Art Journal Challenge Week Eighteen Alice in Wonderland

Who could forgot the “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” labels that led Alice into some precarious situations?

Art Journal Challenge Week Eighteen Alice in Wonderland

The White Rabbit is portrayed as big ears hidden under most of the mixed media on top.

Art Journal Challenge Week Eighteen Alice in Wonderland

I am finding I don’t really like white space left on a page. Perhaps next week I will paint the page first so there is color everywhere.