Biking Reports

I have become a biker these days!

Over the last year, I’ve biked from Washington DC to Pittsburgh, from the Ohio River to Lake Erie, and the northern part of West Virginia. I document each one of my trips. Sometimes internet information is very outdated, so I hope some of my information posted can help a fellow rider out.

C&O Towpath-Great Allegheny Passage

My first bike tour “CO-GAP”, which was biking the C&O Towpath Trail from DC to Cumberland Maryland. The C&O Trail ends and the GAP-Great Allegheny Passage begins. The GAP will take you from Cumberland all the way to Pittsburgh with no roads! All trail!

Day One of my CO-GAP Tour (Links at the end of each post for the next day)

Ohio to Erie Trail

Lake Erie Ohio to Erie Trail

I have been interested in this tour for quite some time. The maps get updated every few years because more rail trail gets added, which takes miles off roads! I was a bit more ambitious with this ride-326 miles in five days. I had a few long days, but I completed it!

Ohio to Erie Bike Report


North Bend Rail Trail

North Bend Rail Trail

Trailhead Parkersburg North Bend Rail Trail

This is a rails to trail route in northern West Virginia. This was the trail with the most outdated information. I scoured the webs as much as I could, looking for more current info.  I rode a different bike for the North Bend, on my fat bike Helga!  This route is much rougher than the typical rails to trail, but you can do it on a mountain bike.

Helga and Me