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Art Journal Challenge Week Eleven Travel

Art Journal Challenge Week Eleven Travel


A much easier prompt! This was Art Journal Challenge Week Eleven. Whee! Travel!



I used a few different tecniques on this page. I had previously painted one side green. Most of the images were cut and pasted from various sources. I used a stencil, added some words on places I want to travel to soon.

Where I Want to Travel To


Grenada in October

Savannah sometime this year? We have friends there and Savannah is rich in history that we’ve only scratched this surface of. They have fantastic food there too.

Napa Somehow I don’t think I could convince the Hubs to a Grenada, Savannah, and Napa all in the same year. Napa 2019!

The Tour Divide-well I doubt this would ever happen, but never say never. Bike from Banff, Canada, to Mexico.


My Biking tour of the  Ohio to Erie Trail from Cinti to Cleveland. Or vice versa, I haven’t decided yet.

On to Week Twelve!

Art Journal Challenge Week Eight Map

This week’s prompt was “Map”.

Art Journal Challenge Create a Map

As so far, I start out strong. I’m really stoked about the challenge, then I tend to lose steam. Same with this week.

Map in Progess

My painting is clumsy and amateuristic. I have this vision of what I want to create, but that is not what goes down on the paper.  I think with the next challenge I am going to mix it up with a bunch more of “mixed media”.

Finished Map

Onto Week Ten!

Week Seven Art Journal Challenge Colors

Another week has gone by!

Art Journal Challenge Colors

I started out pretty strong with this, but faltered midweek. Work has been a horrible strain lately, and I come home exhausted and don’t want to do anything but watch TV. I haven’t been feeling too creative.

Week Seven Art Journal Challenge Colors

When I touched the prompt “color” I thought of the Pantone Color of the Year Ultraviolet. But I cheated and printed it out via the printer. I did use my acrylic paint, watercolor, a few pieces of paper, and used my stencils a bit.

Onto the next week!

Art Journal Challenge Week Eight Quotes


I made a cool background to start with, but quickly discovered writing long hand on the page wasn’t going to stand out.  My handwriting is not the greatest.

Art Journal Challenge Quotes

I went back to printing out quotes. I was amused to see I had picked the same quote twice from different parts of my Pinterest page. I guess I need to put that book down and stop re-reading that same chapter.



I seem to have a theme on this quotes week about letting go and moving forward. I’ve been struggling with this for a year now. It’s been one year since I stopped running. I do want to move on. I’ve been trying to re-invent myself and find out “who” I am exactly since I am no longer a runner. I don’t know yet.

Art Journal Challenge Quotes


Overall I liked the look of my page. I used acrylic paint, watercolors, stamps to create my Week 8 Challenge. Week 8 of 52 gone already! Is it spring yet?

Art Journal Challenge Quotes

Week Six Art Journal Challenge Dream Fire Tower

Art Journal FailAnother weird prompt that I wrote! Where does this come from?

I know where the fire tower comes from, I spent the night in a fire tower on the Summer Soltise last summer.

My First Weekly Challenge Fail

Unfinished! A big fail on my part!

Week Six Fail

Week Six Fail

I couldn’t get my limited artistic abilities around this. I couldn’t draw the cool fire tower that I envisioned. I was tired after work and didn’t feel like working on it. I also wasn’t too interested in doodling a bit in moments before work. I kind of shot myself in the foot.

How Not to Fail

There are no rules to this challenge. I made this up! So, if the prompt doesn’t give me some creative ideas in the first day or two of the week, I’m either going to 1) chuck it and just doodle something for the week 2) choose another prompt  or maybe 3) Pick a random “wreck this journal” prompt off Pinterest and have at it.

Today is Another Week

Oh well, onto the next week!

Week Five Art Journal Challenge Numbers


Week Five Art Journal Challenge Numbers

This is something I can get my head around! Let’s art journal about numbers!

Angel Numbers

A co-worker mentioned “angel numbers” during this week. Since I’ve been thinking about numbers,I perked right up. Apparently, when you see a random “pattern” of numbers, that could be the angels sending you a message. That’s pretty cool.

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

Three is a Magic Number

Who Could Forget “Three is a Magic Number” from Schoolhouse Rocks?

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

“Every triangle has three corners, every triangle has three sides
No more, no less, you don’t have to guess
When it’s three, you can see
It’s a magic number”

It Goes to Eleven

There is the iconic “This is Spinal Tap” movie, where Nigel explains their special speakers; they go to eleven.

These Go to Eleven


I’ve had fun with “numbers” this week. Special numbers popped into my head-Route 66, 9-11, Cloud Nine, the Magic Eight Ball, even the Poop Emoji. Oops, don’t forget the Special Pi Number that makes up the border!

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

Art Journal Challenge Numbers

This has been my most fun week. Onto Week Six!

Week Four Art Journal Challenge Pie Chart

Week Four Prompt Pie Chart

Week Four Art Journal Challenge Pie Chart

Again, where did  I come up with these ideas? I thought I would share a few pics along the way as I art journal pie charts.

Week Three Faceless Beauty bled through onto Week 4, I decided to Gesso over it.

Art Journal Week Four Pie Chart

My art supplies are pretty cheap. Pie Chart in Progress These watercolors were about twelve bucks from Walmart. My acrylic paints-I think there were twelve or twenty in a box-was seven dollars as a clearance item at Walmart. I have crayons, markers, all bought over the years. There is nothing expensive in my mixed media toolkit.

Art Journal Week Four Pie Chart

Did you get a huge catalog from Ikea? It’s a great resource to use as your plotter between pages, to mix paint on, dab the water off your paint brush.  Any big catalog would do!

Pie Chart

As the week progressed, I realized I didn’t need to make a pie chart of any particular thing, like how much carb/protein/fat I ate all day, or a breakdown of the different types of red wine that we drink. Pie Charts can be simple circles to fill in with design.

Pie Chart in Progress

This was just kind of a random, doodling kind of week. I guess that is what art journaling is about.

Pie Chart Art Journal

Pie Chart Art Journal

Pie Chart Art Journal

Onto Week Five!