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Educate Myself

I have spare time on my hands these days. I know, WHAT? Who has that?

Nevertheless I do. It’s time to do something constructive with said time. When I look back on my spare time hiatus, I want to be able to say “that’s when I learned how to do THIS and THIS and THIS”.

Things to Learn

Learn how to use my eTrex 20. I’ve had it a year and don’t understand it yet.

Learn how to use all the features on my brand new Canon Powershot SX530. It just arrived yesterday and I haven’t powered it up yet.

Learn how to make a decent newsletter for my blog, send it out and get new subscribers.

Write for and develop BFE Food and Wine, my other blog.

Learn how to use Microsoft One Note.

Learn how to fix my bike. Upcoming project: replacing brakes!

Now I got to go, it’s time to start learning!


Barns is my art journal prompt for this week. I was searching my computer for a barn picture when I realized how many barn photos I have! Today’s post will mainly be a photo compilation of barns I’ve run by over the years!

The barn above no longer exists. I’m glad I took a pic of it!

The metal barn behind the daffodil is one of my barns.


View above is from our wooden horse barn from years ago. This view has really changed over the years.

I almost didn’t spot this barn in the woods around me.

A bucolic Ohio summer

Mr Cow was very curious what I was doing on his backroad

The barn of many colors

Barn on a very rainy day.

Barn on the next road over.

It’s amazing how a coat of paint spruces up a barn!

Now I have noticed how many bridges photos I have..that might be coming soon…

Project Love Clothespin Ornament Restoration Reveal


Christmas Ornament Restoration Reveal

This is the reveal of my Project Love, restoration of my favorite Christmas ornaments, clothespin ornaments from the 70’s!

The Lumberjack He’s Okay Now

The Three Wise Men

After the two wise men went shopping

The three wise men are now all bearing gifts!

The Drummer has arms!

Robin Hood got a snazzy new bow

The golfer is reunited with his club

New Faces and Occupations

Dr Smyth

Introducing Doctor Smyth-a female doctor. That is her large laptop that she is carrying.

The medical staff


I made a homemade Rastafarian nut cracker years ago. I decided I needed a Rasta to join my Christmas group.

Biker Chick

I decided to create a biker. I had to handcraft the bike. This was no easy task. It’s not the greatest, but hey, she got a custom bike!

biker clothespin doll

Hula Girl Revised

Hula Girl was in good shape, there was no restoration needed for her. I decided to craft her a fish. While she may be wearing traditional hula wear, she’s also working on her doctoral degree in ichthyology (fish science) hence the fish.

Aren’t these cool? It was a bit more time consuming than I thought, but everyone has been repaired. It’s going to be a special Christmas tree this year with my clothespin Christmas ornaments!

Art Journal Challenge Week 47 Thanksgiving

It seemed like a no brainer to have Week 47 be a Thanksgiving prompt.

We had a great Thanksgiving! Tuesday at my mom’s house and Thursday at my sister-in-law. That was so much nicer than the double dinner that had gone on for years.

Give Thanks

I figured out how to use the photo printing tray on my printer. I wish I had taken more pictures!

Project Love Restoring Christmas Ornaments


I got a great gift a few years ago. My mother gave me the clothespin Christmas ornaments that she crafted in the seventies.

Clothes Pin Ornaments

I loved these ornaments! I would play with them, on the tree, under the tree. I would make up stories of their adventures. I only saw them this one month a year, they turned into special playmates for me.

You Can tell it was the Seventies

There are three females. A nurse, a hula girl, and Mrs Claus.

The doctor is male and the nurse is female. Of course!


Mrs and Santa Claus


Many arms were missing off the Christmas group. Some of the little extras that the people carried were long gone too. I remember the three Wise Men bearing presents.  Today? Only one has survived with his gift.


Ornaments in need of restoration

I decided it was time for Project Love. I would give Mrs Claus and the Clown arms back again-indeed ARMS for everyone!

I crafted my arms out of cardboard, instead of the original  pressed board that came in the kit.

New Arms for Ornaments

I decided  to update the group diversity. I added a female doctor, a Rastafarian, and a biker girl.


In crafting the new people, it only seemed fair to give everyone a refresh. Give the golfer his club back.

Make the lumberjack an axe to handle.

This has turned into a full blown crafting affair.

Biker girl is getting a custom made bike. I found these rubber seals in a plastic bag in the basement. I have no idea what they go to. They’ve been refurbished as big fat tires for the bike. The spokes are embroidery floss tacked on with Mod Podge. They are currently drying. I have no idea if these will work.

This was going to be a repair and reveal post, but I am enjoying the restoration so much I want to take “before” and “after” pictures of everybody, and reveal the new members of Project Love. That will be my next post!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A short Thanksgiving post to keep NaBloPoMo 22 people, I’m going to make it!!

If you are looking for free images, check out the New York City Library Digital Collections. This is where the postcard above originated.  You can click on “public domain” and come up with hundreds of images that you can use for free. My early Christmas gift to you! Happy Turkey!

My Ohio Bucket List

Ohio Bucket List

You can have micro adventures all around you! I’m thinking of destinations inside the Buckeye State that I haven’t yet ventured to yet. I created my Ohio Bucket List.

Serpent Mound 

Serpent Mound is on the National Historic Landmark list. It is an effigy mound-representing a snake with a curled tail. This was built by the Adena culture 800 BC-1000 AD.

The Bridges of Ashtabula County

There are 19 covered bridges in this northern county of Ohio. This could be an nice road trip weekend. I’ll try to have a better memory of Ashtabula county besides my dog bite.

Ashtabula Harbor Light House

While I’m up north, why not visit a lighthouse?   This light house was erected in 1836. While other lighthouses were automated, the Harbor Light remained manned until 1973. The lighthouse was restored in the 2000s and today is available for public tours.

Bob Evan’s Farm

Down on the farm! Bob Evans started in Ohio, and the farm is still in southern Ohio, not very far from me. The Farm and Homestead are now a museum. The Sausage Shop turned into the very first Bob Evan’s restaurant.

Mansfield Reformatory

No, I’ve never seen the movie. I did read the book. You know I’m referring to “Shawshank Redemption” which was filmed  at the Mansfield Reformatory. It would be interesting to take a tour through the former prison.

Ride the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad

This is a no brainer. I can carry my bike onto the train, ride it a few miles up, and then hop off and ride back. I just need to get a day scheduled and DO IT!

National Museum of the Great Lakes

I did not know there was a museum about the history of the Great Lakes. Located in Toledo, there is a museum and the Col. James M. Schoonmaker ship to check out.

The Annie Oakley Museum

Okay, it’s the Garst Museum in Greenville Ohio, but it’s Annie Oakley I am interested in. Phoebe Moses was born in Darke County Ohio.

Dysart Woods

Dysart Wood, an Ohio University land laboratory, is in the unglaciated Allegheny Plateau in Belmont County. There is a tract of 50 acres of old-growth white oak-beech-tulip trees. The oldest trees are 400 years old and 4 feet in diameter.

This reminds me of Conrad Richter’s novel “The Trees”. This novel was set in Ohio, around 1795, where Ohio was wild undiscovered country. There were two more books in this trilogy, “The Fields” and “The Town”.   There was a TV mini-series called “The Awakening Land” in 1978, starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Hal Holbrook based on this trilogy.

What features and attractions are available to you in your state? It’s just a short Google/Pinterest search away!