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My Longest Bike Ride Ever

First Long Ride

Longest Bike Ride Ever

I have changed the date of my 335 mile bike tour from October to August. Yikes! That’s coming soon. It is time to hop onto the bike and start getting some miles under my butt.

Bike Trail Route

Route: Park in Fort Laurens Park, Bolivar, Ohio. Ride two miles over the road to pick up the Towpath Trail.  Ride through the cornfields for about 1/2 mile, Bike Ridethen jump Rt 212 for about a 1/4 mile of sketchy road,  stop signthen pick up the Towpath Trail again.

Deer on Bike Trail

The Towpath Trail, in the south, is mostly crushed limestone, gravel in a few areas, pleasant to ride on. Nobody was out at 9 am on this cool spring May morning but me and the chipmunks, geese, and a few deer.

Towpath Trail Tunnel


The Towpath Trail grows through the small town of Navarre Ohio. Do you know what is also located in Navarre? Nickles Bakery! Baking bread since 1909 and in seven midwestern states. Do you know what smells sooo good riding through town? Baking bread!

Bakery Trucks on Trail

I continued north past all the great smells.

Trail under railroad track

Buckeye Trail on Traill noticed the familiar blue blazes of the Buckeye Trail on the Towpath Trail. These would be some pleasant non-road miles to hike on.

First Clipped in Fall

It happened! My first fall. It was a doozy. I was about two miles from Massilion, when a rock caught my eye. Yes, one of those painted rocks that is going around the internet. While I was thinking, “oh I should stop and pick that up” I didn’t compensate for the little slope I was starting up. I tried to shift, but already had lost momentum BOOM down I went.

First Clipped In Fall

I got a handlebar straight into my sternum. I heard my head hit the ground-thwock! OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW! Somehow I was unclipped and stumbled away. Knees were a bit skinned but the pain was in my chest. I walked it off for a few minutes.  I seemed to be okay, other than every time I took a big breath-it hurt!

Oh yeah, here’s the rock I picked up! 😳 Rock on Trail


I kept trying to decide where to turn around.

I knew there was a break in the trail. I was hoping the bike shop was on this side of the trail. (It wasn’t). I made the logical decision to turn where the Sippo Trail started.

Turn Around Trail



The bike ride went well. I carried my running pack, since I have yet to figure out how to attach the water bottle cage to the bike.  My private parts only got a bit sore, and I had less numbness in my hands. I think I need to move my handlebars slightly. The next day, nothing is sore except my STERNUM which is hugely painful.

I forgot snacks. I was tired near the finish. I thought I had left some gels in the back, nope!


The  Towpath Trail will be good training grounds for the C&O Canal Trail. I am going to have to download audiobooks and podcasts to deal with the long green tunnel on this for August.

What’s your longest bike ride?

Take A Break

Take a Break

I have returned from my longest vacation break ever, 18 days off work. Most of that was spent out of the country in New Zealand.  Take a break in New Zealand I’m so glad I was able to take a break.


I ran and DNF’d my swan song race,  the TUM 62K.  Tarawera Falls KimbaBeing under trained and overweight and not being in any sort of a running mindset did not help me power through the race. The knee hurting and leg cramps after about 15K didn’t help either. Perhaps I will write a race report sometime. This break helped me come back as “not a runner”.  It was more of a clean break.

Social Media

I was very happy to be away from the vitriol and negativity spewing from the interwebs. We did not use our phones in NZ (we did have internet access in the evenings) and I really did not miss picking up my phone and looking at it too many times in one day!

Clean Break as new Me= Kimba 2.0

While I was running the TUM several times my thoughts went to “I used to be able to bomb downhills” ” I used to be able to do that”.  That was one of the things I had to put out of my head. I’m no longer that person, no longer that runner. I might WISH to be, but it is not going to happen.  next chapterIt’s time for me to EMBRACE the new Me. As Popeye says “I am what I am”.

New Focus

The Guidebook for biking the Great Allegheny Passage/C&O Canal Trail was waiting for me when I returned home. I immediately picked it up and got intrigued with starting to plan out this new adventure.

New Free Time

Socrates Quote

I’m no longer experiencing “guilt” for not being out there running. I have oodles of time back.  I’m looking forward to more mini adventures-exploring areas around Ohio, hiking, trail time, volunteering, work on my gardens and my home.  I have a small barn that I intend to turn into a writing retreat.New project

Embrace Volunteerism

Embrace Volunteerism


Looking over my 2017 weekends, I have discovered it  is my year to embrace volunteerism. I am volunteering six months this year!

Forget the PR 50K Loudonville Ohio April 17-Covered Bridge Aid Station Captain

Massanutten Trail Run May 6  Massanutten  Mountains, Virginia

Laurel Highlands 50K & 70 Mile June 10 Laurel Highlands, Ohiopyle, PA-working the Mile 12 Aid Station

Canal Corridor 100 Mile Race  July 8  Akron Ohio-Working the Lock 3 Aid Station

Camp Tuscazoar Adventure Race August 16

Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic  Sept 16-Captain of the Start/Finish Line Aid Station

Whew! I think that it is for now. I don’t know my specific duties for Massanutten or the Adventure Race yet. The other races I will be working an aid station. We can always use more help at each of these events!  Give me a shout out if you have a few hours to volunteer. It is always fun to be on the other side of the table to help the runners out!

Volunteering this year at a running event? 


Embrace The Bike: My BHAG 2017


Embrace the Bike

BHAG is Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I need to have something BIG to do, something new, something fun, something outside. Since I’m not supposed to run with my arthritic knee, I’m turning to biking. Since I’ve never been fast but have endurance, I’ve become interested in long distance biking.  I first set the goal of a century ride (100 miles) in 2017, but as that idea percolated, more ideas came to mind.

Great Allegheny Passage

The Great Allegheny Passage is 150 mile trail from Pittsburgh PA to Cumberland Maryland. I thought this would be a good goal. There are no motorized vehicles on it, and this would fulfill my goal of a century ride-plus some!

Great Allegheny Passage  AND the C&O Trail

Where the GAP Trail ends in Cumberland, Maryland, the C&O Towpath Trail takes over. The C&O Trail goes from Cumberland to Washington DC. You can ride your bike from Pittsburgh PA to Washington DC.  This is 335 miles.  As I thought about this, it seemed like riding just “half” the trail would only be half complete.  I’m sure I would want to complete the whole trail-so why not do that from the start?

Amtrak is the key

Getting to one end of the trail could be tricky except there is Amtrak! It is a single train ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. They now have a new service where you just wheel your bike onboard for a small fee of twenty bucks-easy peasy!

Training Trails

I have a close bike trail to train on. It is the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Full length is 73 miles, which would give me great opportunities for long mileage off roads.

So here’s to my BHAG for 2017, embrace the bike!

Happy Birthday to ME

Happy Birthday to ME

Happy Birthday to MEIt’s my 51st birthday.  No nice Caribbean trip this year, but I am not working today and just enjoying MY day.

4th Birthday

My 4th Birthday


I did get a cake again this year. The candles were not my idea.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake


The only day of the year I read horoscopes is on my birthday. Pretty happy with scopes I gathered around the internet:

“..Build up your strength to support your rock-hard frame. A little extra work on the quads will do wonders to protect your knees from the wear and tear of constantly climbing the mountain…”  (ah, the knees of the Capricorn)

“…The period ahead favors dancing, swimming, photography, arts, and entertainment. If you are an artist, this could be an especially inspired, imaginative, and productive year…”  (swimming is mentioned!!)

“…Change isn’t always fun… but it can turn out fantastic. It can make room for true progress. It can set your life off in a new, improved direction. All this and more is the case for 2017..”

“…You will need to be bold this year and face some transitions and challenges with courage and a positive attitude. These have been hovering for a long time. Have no illusions – 2017 may not be an easy year, but then not much worth having comes easy…”
(I know I am evolving into a different athlete this year!)

I am off to clean up my office, hang a Christmas gift, probably ride my bike trainer, and maybe go swimming.  Eat more cake.  After all it’s my birthday and I will celebrate with whatever I want to do!  Have a great day!


Women Wednesday Records Fall

Records Fall

TWO of Ann Trason records were broken this past weekend.

Ann Trason

Ann Trason is the best female ultra runner. She won Western States 14 times, Comrades marathon twice, Leadville 100 four times, 100K World Championship twice; and set 20 world records. Check out her results on Ultrasignup: all you are going to see are first (and a few second) place finishes. No runner will even get close to the amount of wins that Trason holds.

Gina Slaby

Gina Slaby breaks Ann Trason’s world record for 100 miles-13:45:49 at the Desert Solstice.

Slaby is from New York and never ran in high school or college.  She took the sport us prior to enlisting in the Navy to handle the training standards.

Slaby ran in the Olympic Trials in both 2012 and 2016.  From her Ultrasignupprofile, every ultra she has entered-she has won.  Some of her 100 mile race wins  were Vermont 100 in July 2016, Lumberjack 100, Capital Reef Ultras, HURT 100. That shows quite a contrast, from rooty technical HURT to the more gentle surfaces of Vermont and now the track Desert Solstice.

Caroline Boller

Caroline Boller smashes American 50 mile trail record in 5:48:01 at Brazos Bend 50, the previous record was  6:14 by Ann Trason. She also won the race outright (meaning she beat the men and the women) AND set the course record at Brazos Bend.

This was just a short time interval from her new Masters Course Record, 6.32.36 at the JFK 50 Mile in November.  Which was just seven days out from her performance at the IAU 50K R oad World Championships , Doha, Qatar, where she finished 16th. It’s been two fast months for her!

Boller has had a very busy productive year,  2016 Olympic Trials, finished 12th at Western States, 1st place at the Mokelumne River 50K, Annadel Half Marathon, Caumsett 50K USATF National Road Championships.  She set course records at Mokelumne, and Masters American Record at Caumsett.

Boller (per her website)  did not take up running regularly until she was 38!  Boller writes great race recaps, I can’t wait to hear her Brazos Bend Record Breaker Report.

This was a great weekend of racing for the women!

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Women Wednesday Series

Women Wednesday


Welcome to Women Wednesday! This will be a new series to spotlight women accomplishing tremendous goals.

Finishes All the World’s Ironman Races

First up is  the first female triathlete to finish all the Ironman races in the world!  This is Elizabeth  Model, who didn’t begin running marathons until she was forty and completed her first Ironman at age 46.  When Model decided to go for this goal of all the branded Ironman races, there was only 15 or 16 in the world. As WTC, the company that owns Ironman bought up other races, she continued to race them until she completed all of them, the last being  Ironman Maryland in October 2016.

Oldest Woman in Space

When Peggy Whitson, aboard a Soyuz rocket headed to  the International Space Station, she made world history by being the oldest female in space at age 56. This is her third long-duration mission aboard the ISS.  She also holds three other records: the first female commander of the ISS; she has spent more time in space than any other woman, and she was the first female non military Chief of the Astronaut Office.


Sets Another Fastest Known Time

Heather Anderson, also known as Anish, flies or I should say “hikes” under the radar.  Which is kind of a pity, because she is rocking big goals.  She holds the unsupported speed record (that means  she takes no outside support, no car rides to town) on both the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail-not the female record, the overall record.  Anderson set another unsupported record on the 800 mile Arizona Trail, completing it in 19 days, 17 hours and 9 minutes.  The supported record is 15 days, 22 hours and 39 minutes.

Congrats to these awesome women crushing it out there!