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Massillon Miles with Tag and Tor



The start of our hike today  was Mogadore Point 26.

There was a little hiking through the end of the Mogadore Sections 26-29, which is through Quail Hollow State Park.


This looks like very pretty trail in the summer months.

It was a bit muddy and boggy in sections; there had been much rain the day before.

So ends our off road miles. The rest of the mileage will now be following roads.

Massillon Section begins in Hartville. There was an immediate stop at the open donut shop. Peace, Love, and Little Donuts were the bomb!

Highly recommend the stop! If the donut shop is closed (they are only open to 1pm) there is also a chocolate shop and a pizza/chicken restaurant right on the trail!

We leave Hartville, heading into the countryside. The skies are still cloudy, but there is not much wind. The road does not have much hiking friendly berm to it.

We found it easier in spots to just hop off the road and hike in the fields. The fields could be pretty soggy after the rains.

I always like seeing the animals on the hikes. The cows didn’t really get up to say hello. The pigs seemed to be pretty content in their pen.

The skies did clear up a bit and we got to see blue skies for the rest of our hike.

This was a nice sign to see on the Buckeye Trail.

The Buckeye Trail crosses Interstate 77. We had less than five miles to get to our stopping point.

This was another handsome barn seen on trail today.

We did it! We made it over to Nemisila Reservoir. Just one last turn, and we’ll be back at the vehicle. The hike clocked in a bit long at 17 miles.

We stopped at Point 7 on the Massillon Section.

It was very nice hiking with Jerri and Karen. When hiking this section, I would recommend doing it off summer if possible. It was pleasant hiking in the open spaces today in November. I think this could be pretty hot and miserable with full sun on the asphalt road.

Hiking on Black Friday

I have never been a Black Friday shopping person. For the remainder of my Christmas shopping, it will be done on a week day early morning when people are not shopping yet.


I joined some friends up in the northern Ohio area for a “Burn your Buns” run. My friend and I walked. It was lovely outside, just a bit cold.


I stopped at a local bike shop to get some new front brake cables-not on sale, simply because I need to replace the brakes. The bike shop is located in a big mall area, and holy COW! I’ve never really been “out” on a Black Friday, I’m usually working.

Mall parking lots FULL. Strip mall parking lots FULL. Box store lots FULL. I guess I’m not reporting any original news here, just how astounded I was, that so many people went out to buy STUFF in search of an alleged sale.

I did buy stuff too! Stuff to make my bicycle safe, so I can go places and buy memories!

National Take a Hike Day

National Take a Hike Day was Saturday, November 18. Did you get out for a hike?

I ticked over some Buckeye Trail miles with Cheryl, We hiked the Bowerston section 8 through 13. This covers my Leesville Lake South section of trail I have adopted, so I can also count this as a trail maintenance hike.  My section of trail is looking really good!

buckeye trail

As many parts of the Buckeye Trail, we hiked on trail and off trail.

This was the site of the New Hagerston Academy.

The lower old barn picture is from October, when I first attempt to walk from Points 9 to 13. It’s a good story to tell you on the trail sometime!

Off Trail means road miles. Our last section of road, there were no cars on it. Is it terrible to walk on a road like this? 

The Buckeye Trail goes through this tunnel, under the railroad tracks.

Then around the back of the Nolan’s building.

Every day should be “Take a Hike Day”!

Did you get out for a hike on National Take a Hike Day?

Walking the Camino de Santiago

This walk is coming up in the top of my interest again lately. The Camino de Santiago, or “The Way of Saint James” is a network of pilgrim’s ways, or pilgrimages, which lead to the shrine of Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. There are many routes that pilgrims walk. I am interested in one of the most popular, the Frances, where one starts in France, and ends in Spain.

The Frances

Image from


Albergues are hostels located in about every little town. Multi bunk rooms, you have a place to shower, sleep, perhaps cook a meal. This way you don’t have to carry a tent and camp gear, maybe not even a sleeping bag in the summer months. There are also private rooms available in most towns if you want to spend money for privacy.


Image from

Camino credential-passport. You need one of these for your walk. It establishes you as a pilgrim, where you are allowed to sleep in an albergue and qualify you for a (cheaper) pilgrim’s meal. You have to have your credential stamped at least daily to show that you have walked (or cycled) the route.


I became aware of the Camino de Santiago a few years ago during a random internet search that brought up the movie “The Way” with Martin Sheen from 2010.

In researching it, I was intrigued by having albergues and bars so close together, you don’t really have to carry food, water, gear on your walk.

At the Adventure Summit in Dayton earlier this year, a couple gave a lecture on their pilgrimage-to a packed house! It’s evident that people are interested in “The Way”.

Coleman presentation at Adventure Summit

Have you walked el Camino de Santiago? Would you go on a pilgrimage?




Ohiopyle is Just Fine in the Off Season!

Back from a week end in Ohiopyle Pennsylvania!


What kind of name is “Ohiopyle”?

Ohiopyle is derived from “ohiopehhla” meaning white frothy water.  This certainly is an apt name in this area!

Things to Do When not White Water Rafting

Laurel Highland Hiking Trail

OP has great white water rafting opportunities. But even in the off season, there are plenty of activities to pursue.

Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail

Laurel Highlands PA

The LHHT is 71 miles long. There are shelters along the way for over night stays. It is a simply beautiful trail. It is marked with yellow blazes-you can’t get lost-and concrete markers to tell you where you are (or how far you have to go!)

Beam Rocks Laurel Highland Trail


You can hike to waterfalls around OP. Cucumber Falls is the easiest, because you can drive to it, it’s just down the steps.

Cucumber Falls Ohiopyle


OP is a convenient town if you are on the Great Allegheny Passage. The bike trail is far less busy in the off season!



Hike to Seven Sisters Waterfalls Grenada

Hike to Seven Sisters Waterfalls

On this trip to Grenada, my husband announced he wanted to go hike to a waterfalls with me! (We’re not getting any younger.) As I am NOT in the same shape I was on previous hiking expeditions, we chose the easy Seven Sisters Falls hike.

Seven Sisters or St Margaret’s Falls

The hike to St Margaret’s or Seven Sisters as it is locally known is not bad, just a bit muddy. You climb down two big sets of wooden stairs, so keep in mind coming back you have a bit of a climb! Then it is rocky, muddy a bit overgrown.

Tropical Adventures

We hire a guide when I go hiking. We’ve been using Tropical Adventures with Vaughan Francis for over eighteen years now! Vaughan has taken me on my epic hikes in Grenada: summiting Mt Qua Qua, Mt St Catherine, and the long distance Cross Country Trail. Vaughan is a great  hiker AND a birder, keep that in mind if you want to see certain birds of Grenada.

Vaughan Francis Tropical Adventures


Honeymoon Falls

We were almost to Seven Sisters when Vaughan called out for me to take a right on the trail instead of crossing the river over to the falls. He had been evaluating how we hopped and balanced over the rocks, and judged we were fit enough to visit Honeymoon Falls.

Waterfall Climb

The Climb

In order to access Honeymoon Falls, one must walk UP this set of rocks. It doesn’t look like much, but there is a roaring current! Vaughan went first, showing me a rock with a hole in it, to avoid it.

Comfort Zone

I wasn’t quite sure about this.  It was NOT a big climb, but plenty of rushing water. You had to lift each foot carefully so you weren’t dashed off your feet. I was already thinking, how am I going to get down this? I contemplated shaking my head and saying no.

I did it

I stopped whining in my head and carefully placed my feet and climbed up to Vaughan. My husband followed. THEN we had another short climb thru more water, to reach the falls!

No pics!

I did not bring a waterproof bag for my camera! My husband had his phone in a baggie, which died on this vacation. If I can recover any pics, I will post them. So no pics of this wonderful thunderous waterfall.

NOW I had to descend in the river. I almost got swept off my feet on the first climb, but luckily got out of the current. How did I get down the second part? I turned around and climbed down the same way I went up!

Seven Sisters

There are two pools here at the base of each waterfall that you can swim in! There are no changing rooms, so either wear your bathing suit under your hiking clothes, or prepare to get wet! There was only one other group of about eight folks when we arrived-this was a Wednesday off season. Vaughan mentioned that there can be as many as 250 people here when a cruise ship docks! Yikes! Another reason to travel off peak season!

After you climb up the steps, Mitchell’s Bar might be open! This would be a good place to get a cold Carib beer or soda after the climb!

Seven Sisters is a very popular hiking destination. Remember it is private property so there is a fee-US $2 per person. It’s a pretty easy hike. You will get muddy and probably wet, so wear shoes (not flip flops or sandals). Bug spray and sun screen highly recommended, you do come out of the jungle into the sun in parts.

  Why not visit a waterfall on your Grenada trip?

Buckeye Trail Miles Tappan Lake Edition

Buckeye Trail Miles Tappan Lake

Buckeye Trail Miles

Today was a Buckeye Trail hike in the Bowerston area, hiking around Tappan Lake. How did I know about this hike? It’s on an App called “Meetup“.  Meetup makes it easy for you to see activities that you might want to attend.

I attended a section hike close to me, Point 13 thru 16  in the Bowerston area.

Tappan Lake

Tappan Lake

Tappan Lake takes its name from the former community of Tappan, which now resides under the lake. There was also the community of Laceyville that disappeared with the creation of the lake. 🙁

Tappan Lake

Tappan Lake is huge! 2350 acres in the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.

Tappan Lake

Good Off Road Section

This is a good off road section! By “good” I mean hilly! There are at least three good climbs around the lake shore.Tappan Lake

There were seven stalwart hikers out on this humid first day of September. Dale organized the hike, he only has 200 miles to finish hiking ALL of the Buckeye Trail! Joy was one of the hikers, we had worked in the same hospital a few  years ago! It was great to see her again.

Sometime you need to look up to see the great views!

Dale and Jacob checking on the trail register to see who has been enjoying the Buckeye Trail.

I would think this would be fairly self explanatory, but perhaps not.  ◔_◔

The section was advertised as 6.99 miles but my Garmin registered 8.14 miles. Oh well, my Garmin is usually off a bit, but I would guess this was closer to 7.5 and 8 miles than 6.99. However, it’s not like the Buckeye Trail was ever “wheeled” for accuracy.

Despite the humidity, it was a good day to be out in the woods. I need to do more hiking!