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Take A Break

Take a Break

I have returned from my longest vacation break ever, 18 days off work. Most of that was spent out of the country in New Zealand.  Take a break in New Zealand I’m so glad I was able to take a break.


I ran and DNF’d my swan song race,  the TUM 62K.  Tarawera Falls KimbaBeing under trained and overweight and not being in any sort of a running mindset did not help me power through the race. The knee hurting and leg cramps after about 15K didn’t help either. Perhaps I will write a race report sometime. This break helped me come back as “not a runner”.  It was more of a clean break.

Social Media

I was very happy to be away from the vitriol and negativity spewing from the interwebs. We did not use our phones in NZ (we did have internet access in the evenings) and I really did not miss picking up my phone and looking at it too many times in one day!

Clean Break as new Me= Kimba 2.0

While I was running the TUM several times my thoughts went to “I used to be able to bomb downhills” ” I used to be able to do that”.  That was one of the things I had to put out of my head. I’m no longer that person, no longer that runner. I might WISH to be, but it is not going to happen.  next chapterIt’s time for me to EMBRACE the new Me. As Popeye says “I am what I am”.

New Focus

The Guidebook for biking the Great Allegheny Passage/C&O Canal Trail was waiting for me when I returned home. I immediately picked it up and got intrigued with starting to plan out this new adventure.

New Free Time

Socrates Quote

I’m no longer experiencing “guilt” for not being out there running. I have oodles of time back.  I’m looking forward to more mini adventures-exploring areas around Ohio, hiking, trail time, volunteering, work on my gardens and my home.  I have a small barn that I intend to turn into a writing retreat.New project

You Can’t Stay Here

You Can't Stay Here

You Can’t Stay Here

Same book, different chapter.

Having an injury that stops you from doing your sport is life changing. This is a great article about injury:  The Mental Side of Athletic Injuries.

I have identified  with being a trail and ultra runner. It’s what I like to do. It gives me peace, de stresses me, and I love to be in the outdoors.

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.

I’ve been having mini epiphanies on my runs. Maybe I am at a crossroads. I’ve had several iteriations of my blog, from Ultra Newby, to  Ultra Trail Goddess, to Ultra Trail Chick and now to where (even before knee surgery) I had changed the blog name because I felt I was much more than just an ultra runner.

You write your own story.  Maybe I’m trying to put words on a page that no longer exists.

Maybe I need to turn the page and a start a new chapter. Maybe I’m trying to make words fit on a page that is already full.

Give yourself permission to Change. Is it time to move on. Perhaps I need to find another Quest.

Perhaps I am being served this to see how gracefully I can adapt and overcome. I am doing this with as much grace as I can muster. I’ve been positive and accepting.  Having a temper tantrum or a fit of the negativity is not going to help my journey, wherever it is leading me.

You Can’t Stay Here

The first time this popped into my head was on the Bear Creek Trail climbing out of Ouray Colorado during Hardrock 2012.  I was hot, tired, thinking I was the last person on the trail. I had no pacer, no energy and no enthusiasm. I had a few hundred feet drop off to my right. It was also after one in the morning.


Examples of the trail in daylight

Bear Creek Trail

“You can’t Stay Here”.  Although I did not want to go on, I did not want to climb from 7792 feet to Engineer Pass at 12,000 feet, I couldn’t stay here, on this dark trail, in the middle of the night. Nobody was coming to help me. Nobody was going to rescue me. (Note: I didn’t need rescuing.) You can’t stay here. There’s nothing for you here. You need to go on. You can’t stay here.

That’s Where I am Today

I can’t stay here. Maybe my days of running ultras are done; maybe not.  There is no need to write oneself off in the very short term.  I’m going forward. I’m learning new physical activities, like biking and swimming. Hey! Can you say sprint triathlon in 2017? I almost certainly can.

Has an injury made you drift down a different curve in the river?

Update on My Knee

I decided to write a post on my knee. I tore my meniscus in 2015, and had surgery to remove the tear in April 2016. The doctors discovered at the same type I have arthritis-I guess quite bad, on my knee.

Knee Arthritis

I followed my rehab directions perfectly, did all my PT. I tried to run again in June. It did not go well. I did not run like I did prior to surgery. All of a sudden, I can feel the aging in both knees.

I backed off running. I did not enter many races. When I did run, it was horribly slow. As in 15 minute to (on trails) 20 minute miles. I would run around my 11 mile block, doing much more walking than running.

The knee pain comes and goes. Sometimes I don’t feel any pain. Sometimes I really feel pain on the lower inside of my knee, maybe that’s where the torn cartilage was removed.

I’ve been on my bike much more. I’ve gotten much more confident on it, although I don’t like riding on all the hills around me. It doesn’t help that I’ve gained twenty five pounds over the summer.

I’ve been struggling to get into a workout groove.  I’ve been logging my workouts so I can go back and see exactly what I did do in the previous week to not feel like such a loser.

I’m at phase one of learning how to swim. I am trying to adapt and overcome. It’s not easy. I’m trying to do this as gracefully as possible.

There will a separate post on this for Sunday, but this is the bare bones about the knee situation.

Global Running Day


June 1 is International or Global Running Day. Run 6.1 K

Happy June! While it’s not officially summertime until June 21, Memorial Day Weekend traditionally kicks off SUMMER in the States.


International Running Day

I saw my orthopedic surgeon yesterday, as the sign off with my meniscectomy.  I’ve had no problems or complaints. He did show me the one area of my knee where there is no cartilage at all.  He said to just kept progressing.

So I did!

Going international myself in 2017, signed up for the Tarawera 102K!

Global running bib

It’s a goal a long ways off, but a goal is a goal.

This was my third day of running.  I decided to run 6.1 km.

What? Why not 6.1 miles? Because I am training SMART these days. I am easing back into running; I have weight and body exercises to do also and I need to pack my healthy lunch for the day.


Are you running on Global Running Day? R U N?

My Knees are not Bad!

Bad Knees on Old Rag


There is nothing BAD about my knees. My knees are not: disappointing or unpleasant; of low quality or evil or morally unacceptable.

Those are all definitions of “BAD” knees.

My knees are awesome. I may need to buy some knee pads or a knee brace that says “Awesome” just like my “awesome socks”. (You can buy your own Awesome Socks!)

awesome socks

My knees have carried me around for fifty years. They have allowed me to squat, Mohican Tipi to kneel, to crawl through tunnels. They have allowed me to dig really big holes, to shovel horse manure for my gardens. My knees have allowed me to climb trees and hop up,

MMT Trail


over and scramble over boulders.

Old Rag

Do these sound like BAD knees? I think they are awesome knees!


 If my link to the Awesome Socks works, it will take you to Amazon where I am a Amazon Associate and will get a penny or two if you happen to love the Awesome socks!

Rehab: Running Aid Station to Aid Station

Rehab: Running Aid Station to Aid Station
aid station

Thoughts on my injury

Co-workers are wondering when I am returning to running. One co-worker asks if I had ‘come to grips’ about my future running. This is the same person who said he had to give up running, giving up lifting weights hard, when he had his meniscus surgery over 10 years ago. What this person looks like today? A sedentary, obese person. I have no idea if he still works out, but he pretty much looks like an American couch potato.
Same impression from the first surgeon that I saw. “You can give up the running now”. “You’ll never run an ultra again.” When I asked if hiking would be okay, Dr Doon & Gloom glowered at me about that. How dare I think I could recover from my injury and arthritis.


I am not that concerned about my running right now. My first aid station is right in front of me. Strengthen my knee and get my physical therapy done.

Why are others concerned about my running? Do they think I’m going to go pyscho if I can’t run again? Why does this irritate me so?

I plan on being smart returning to running. Yes, I said it. I will run again. Will I run another 100 mile? I don’t know. Will I run a 50K? Yes, I am planning on signing up for the Tarawera 60K for 2017, the answer is yes. Will I incorporate cross training into my plans? Oh hells yes. Will I be smart with my training coming off my injury? Yes I will.

But I am not there yet. I have to get to the first Aid Station. One aid station at a time. That’s how I run ultra and that’s how I run rehab.

Had any naysayers about your injury and recovery?

Living in Limbo Land

I have an appointment March 29 with a doctor at Ohio State. While I am happy getting a second opinion, *everything* is being put on hold. I am pretty sure I will be having surgery sooner than later, but it’s driving me batshit crazy not to be able to make any plans.

For example: Working Forget the PR Aid Station April 9, volunteering at Massanutten May 12, attending a ramps festival end of April, pacing a friend at Laurel Highlands in June.

I have been attempting to make a schedule of some sort for the next two weeks. I’ve been doing upper body work, and crunches and planks for the last two weeks. At least that is something. I’ve been working on Project 50 activities, such as my dog scrapbook and reading Sherlock Holmes.

I’ve not been on social media too much as it makes me sad. It’s hard to relate to everyone enjoying and nailing their runs. I’ve even been wistful driving along on the roads that I also run on.

I think I am in stage four of the five stages of grief: depression. But I know that. It’s okay. It’s just situational grief.

What I do have is FREE TIME and goodness, this is hard to deal with. I don’t have to get up three hours before work. I am getting more sleep. I’m trying to get projects done around here.

Anyone else impatient to get their injury diagnosed so they can move on?