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I Biked Outside Every Day in April


I did it! I biked outside, at least ten miles, every day in April!



Kale Poland is a DecaMan ultra endurance person who became known to me through another ultra endurance friend, Wayne Kurtz. Kale began this challenge two years ago-ride outside in April to make real gains on your biking for the year. I saw some of his crazy posts toward the end of last April,  decided I needed to drink the koolaid and join in this year. It was great to see everyone’s daily posts about getting out there in all the weather to ride.

Mother Nature was kind to me

I had decent weather for most of my rides. I saw folks who were riding in northern states riding in snow, hail, sleet-ugh! Kudos to them! I had some cold days but none of the weather I rode in was less than 38 degrees.  What we all had in common was WIND.

wind gusts


The quarantine made it easier to ride. The days that I worked, my only responsibilities were to go to work,  back to the apartment to sleep, and ride my bike. With everything closed there was no need to *find something to do* on my down time. The days  I was home, we were under the shelter in place rules, and I didn’t go anywhere except to ride my bike.

bike at trailhead


goodr glasses


april challenge

Over 335 miles (the phone messed up a few times), and well on my 2020 goal of biking 2020 miles. It was fun (some of the days), and I am proud to say I completed the challenge.

Are you involved in any challenges designed to push a limit or two?

C is for Challenge in the A to Z

April is the month of the Challenge. My second challenge for April  is the


I have a fair amount of kooky ultra endurance friends it suffices to say, in the realm of swim-bike-run. A new Facebook friend is Kale Poland, that I met via Wayne Kurtz. Kale had a challenge last year: Ride your bike every day in April.

Which could sound like no big deal, except Kale lives in Maine and there were many pics posted of some extreme weather and bikes. I was impressed.

I’m in for April. The premise is bike ten miles on road or five miles on trail, every day, no matter what the weather. As Kale says;

“It is not convenient. It is often not enjoyable in any way, but you jam it into your life to create discipline and fine-tune your time management and build mental fortitude . An unreal boost in fitness seems to be the byproduct of #realgainzriding. I have really been looking forward to this day… The Challenge starts NOW!
GPS or Photo Proof required daily. Use hashtag #realgainzriding


Day One and Day Two have been easy for me, as these are days off from work and the weather has been nice. I’m sure I will be be building the mental fortitude some day soon!

More Mini Adventures

Spring is here, and time to look at the calendar. More importantly, I appear to have a “work schedule” where I can predict what my days on-and OFF-will be. That leads to future scheming and dreaming.

Get the Bike Out

I’m torn between hiking and biking. Biking leads to a bit more planning. But biking is looming large in my future mini adventures.


What’s bikepacking? It’s backpacking with a bike. Or: any ride that requires an overnight stay.

Bikepacking trips I am planning:

Bike Overnight: It doesn’t have to be far away. Just get out for a night, camp out, return home. I will ride from my house, to Salt Fork State Park, and camp out in one of my tents overnight.

It’s only 13 miles, but a bit hilly. This will be a good excuse to get the gear out, and see about packing my new bike.

Steel City Loop: This is a 72 mile loop around Pittsburgh, using mostly trails-The Montour, Great Allegheny Passage, Three Rivers Heritage Trail. This could be a one day, or two day tour. I’m leaning toward an overnight, as this would give me plenty of time to hang out and explore Pittsburgh.

Greenbrier Trail-this is a long rails trail in Southern West Virginia. Due to the time involved driving to the southern trailhead (not far from White Sulphur Springs) this would be at least a two day overnight.

Wabash Cannonball Trail-this is a rail trail in northwestern Ohio, 63 miles long.

National Trails Day, June 1-bikepack to the Buckeye Trail Association Barn-this is about 33 miles away for me. But this is the route I would take:

a stout undertaking!

As you can see, most of these rides are fairly close by for me. You don’t have to travel far to have a big adventure!

219 Workouts in 2019 Challenge

Work out 219 times in 2019

This year’s challenge is going back to the physical. I am going to work out 219 times in the year 2019.

What constitutes a workout? A work out can be a hike, bike, weights, kayak-anything that is out of the regular workings of life. Taking the dogs for a walk is not a workout. Washing floors does not count as a work out. If I end up painting the barn for six hours-well, yes, I will count that as a work out.

Working out 2/3 of the Year?!?

It’s not that difficult, people. It’s making the commitment. This would be working out five days a week. Need help with a schedule? Here’s a plan from Self Magazine.

Here are 19 moves you should be doing in 2019 from It’s all about the core!

Keeping Track

I think I will make a calendar like I used to to record my work outs. That will help to keep me accountable. (I wish I could find this old school calendar software!)

Old School Work out calendar from 2004.

It’s a new year, a new breath of freshness. Someone noted online that this will be the last time we see a “teen” in our lifetime. Shall we make it the best teen year ever? Let’s go!

What are you going to do in 2019?

Week 52 Art Journal Challenge Winter

Art Journal Challenge Week 52 Winter

Week 52 is here of my art journal challenge. This week prompt is “winter”. I was pleased with my color choices. It was driven by my “horses” picture. This is why I like to have my camera/phone with me always. It was great to capture these Amish horses on a cold bluebird winter day.

Art Journal Challenge Week 52 Winter

All pictures are mine. Living in Ohio there are many opportunities to take great winter photos.

Art Journal Challenge Week 52 Winter

Media used was paint, markers, stickers. Very happy to end my art journal challenge with this page. My wrap up post will be coming at the end of the month.

Art Journal Challenge Week 52 Winter

Choose Your Word of the Year

It's time to pick your Word of the Year

It’s time to choose your Word of the Year. 

Picking a word to guide you through the year has become a popular activity. This can help ground you, allow you to focus, become your mantra for the days and weeks coming. I’ve been doing this for the last seven years. Sometimes the word works, sometimes it does not.

There are resources out there. Two free e-courses, or worksheets are available from Susannah Conaway and Christine Kane.

How to Pick Your Word of the Year?

Once you’ve figured out your word,  Ali Edwards has a year long workshop to help keep your word in front of you. This is the first year I’m trying out One Little Word.

Past Words for Me

Words that I have chosen in the past: dreams, improve, reach, perseverance, try, embrace, health

Word for 2019

I have shuffled through several words just trying to pick one! First it was “grit”. Then it was “change”. Now I have settled on “Build”.



to develop according to a systematic plan, by a definite process, or on a particular base (build new career, new relationships, friends)

to increase, enlarge (increase knowledge, skills)

to cause to be constructed (build a new house or setting)

to use as a foundation (build on)

Synonyms- construct, erect, fabricate, make, raise up, constitution, figure, form, physique, shape

It has occurred to me that going forward, nothing is going to be the way it was in 2018. I am not employed by the same employer. I won’t drive to work the same route. My bedtime will be at a different time. I will be wearing different clothes. I may be living in a different house. Everything is going to change.

I even thought about using the word “different”, but it didn’t resonate. Then “build” occurs, which change goes along with.

Change is Hard

Change is hard but it’s exciting to embrace. While I don’t know what is around that curve in the road,  it’s new to me.

Curve in country road

Instead of being in the same old rut, I am facing new possibilities. I am looking forward to be refreshed in 2019. To be challenged. To do something different. To have new choices.  To build new relationships, skills, experiences.

Do you pick a word for the year?

My One Little Word for 2019 Build