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May Movement Challenge

I made a challenge to myself to do some physical activity every day for the month of May. And track it.How did I do?

May Movement

May Movement

Since I have not been running, I have been struggling to remember my workouts that I have done. In May, I pledged to move every day, some sort of movement. I have five zero days of no physical activity-three of those days were really long work days (10 or 11 hour shifts) and the other two? I just didn’t feel like it. Call those rest days.


The rest of the month, I hiked, walked, biked, did trail maintenance, gardened, ran a brush hog mower.  I meant to do more core and upper body exercises, but after I stabbed myself in the chest with a handlebar, I was not up to doing push ups or sit ups for the month!

Do you track your movements? What’s your goal for the sunny month of June?

Fitness over Fifty

Fitness Over Fifty

Just because you’ve celebrated the Big FIVE OH doesn’t doom you to a sedentary life, increasing waist line and diminishing muscle mass.

You do need to work on your fitness. Nature is working against you, sad to say.

Muscle Mass Loss

Inactive people can lose 3 to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after age thirty. Muscle loss also speeds up after age 70! Joe Couch Potato, at age sixty, could potentially have lost 15% of his muscle mass. That’s a bit scary! The remedy to this? Weight Bearing Exercise.

Weight Bearing Exercise

The definition of weight bearing exercise is forcing you to work against gravity, such as running, brisk walking, hiking. Other activities of weight bearing exercise is yoga, tennis, golf, dancing. All of these forms of exercise are fun, but also aren’t too strenuous for older people. My mom is 79 years old and line dances at least once a week, whilst my friend’s mom enjoys playing tennis every weekend. Perhaps I’ll have a look into tennis, however watching these videos first might be necessary before stepping onto the court!

If I were to take up tennis as a form of exercise, I think I would need all the help that I could get. Now I’m not expecting to become professional, especially at this stage in my life, but it would be nice if I could be fairly good at it. I think my friend’s mom even completed a tennis assessment to find out what her rating was so she could find people to play with that had a similar skill level to push each other to get better. This would surely help with the amount of exercise that you do. I’m not sure though, but at least I have an option in case I can’t find anything else to do.

As you age you may notice you can start aching more, and muscles become even sorer even if you keep your exercise routine consistent, for those that may suffer from increased soreness after working out, trying something like bcaa optimum nutrition could enhance recovery time and decrease muscle soreness. Allowing you to keep up your exercise routines.

Video Games

Okay, you might be laughing and smirking now. But using video games, such as Nintendo’s Wii Fit system-can get you a workout, even sitting. My 79 year old mom plays in “Wii Bowling Leagues” at several senior citizen centers. I’ve played against her, and she kicks my butt. I’ve also woke up the next morning wondering why my arm is sore-too much tennis/bowling!

Strength training and weight training are weight bearing exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym to do this. A set of ten pound (or five) barbells is less than twenty dollars. If you want to train like an athlete, you can find Olympic Barbells online. There are hundreds of weight training tutorials on the web, or buy a book! I have an older book that I like to use. Smart Girls Do Dumbells

Non-Weight Bearing Exercise

Non weight bearing exercise would be when you don’t work against gravity-swimming and biking.These activities don’t help with the loss of muscle mass but they are GREAT especially if you have any sort of joint issues. I have taken up pool swimming and exercise-I have been doing most of my knee exercises in the pool when I am already there!

Pool-you don’t have to be Michael Phelps to get a workout in. Get yourself a swim cap and goggles and go to it.

Biking-if you have access to a gym, there should be plenty of bikes. Ease into biking, your rear end will thank you for it. Go slow and build time. If you start riding outside, wear a helmet!

Don’t allow time and nature to erase your physical fitness. You are heading into wonderful years, so take care of your body!

My 2017 Goals

2017 Goals

This usually, if I write one, starts out as “what races I am running” for the year.

This is going to be a different year, maybe the start of new me, or Kimba 2.0 as I call her.

I may not be running much. I have Grade 4 Arthritis on my right knee. I’ve seen the XRays (went to the doctor in December) where there is not a gap between my bones.  Knee Arthritis
Hence the pain on my knee. Running is the worst thing you can do for this.  Walking is good. Swimming, biking, hiking is good. Virtually every other sport under the sun is good-except for running.

It’s going to be a very flexible year that I will embrace.  (Embrace is my word of the year!)

Hiking: I’ve become interested in the Buckeye Trail. I received several map sections of the BT for Christmas and I would like to cover these in 2017.  I would also like to do some overnight camping.

Biking: I’m going to ride my bike this year. I need to find trails or roads without lots of traffic. One of my goals will be to ride a century, or 100  miles.

Swimming: I am learning to swim with my face in the water. I think it will be fun and out of my comfort zone to “try a tri” which is a swim, followed by a bike, followed by a run.

Volunteer: this is definitely on the calendar. I will be working at the following races Forget the PR 50K in April and Massanutten 100 in May.  I will be recruiting volunteers for a new adventure race here in southern Ohio, at Camp Tuscazoar in August.

What’s on your adventure/recreation/racing calendar for 2017?

Small Steps to the More Fit You

Small Steps to the New Fit You

In 2017, let’s take small steps. You want to succeed at your newly formed resolutions. You want to lose twenty pounds and be able to do one pull up. You want to be able to run a 5K or a 50K or a 100K.

Why Do People Fail at their Fitness Goals?

Because people do too much too soon. Going to the gym in the first week of January, a Body pump class on Monday, Barre class on Wednesday, using new muscles on the elliptical-by the weekend you are hurting.

Let’s take small steps. Here’s why:

Point One-you have to start somewhere. If starting on January 1 invigorates you, go for it. But see Point Two!!!!

Point Two-ease into it. Don’t take a Body Pump Class, Insanity, Barre Class that first week at the gym. Your body will be sore and you’ll be disappointed that you couldn’t keep up or it was too hard for you.

Go to the gym. Walk on the treadmill for a mile. It could take you fourteen to forty minutes. Do that every day for five days a week. Or even better, walk one mile three times a week for that first week. Congrats! That’s three more miles walked than you did in December. Just get used to moving. This exercise thing is new. You are going to have sore muscles. Maybe the second week walk four miles that week.

Point 3-Change one thing. One thing at a time. Don’t go to the gym AND start Whole 30 or your new Paleo diet all at the same time. It’s too much stress, too much to think about. You can find valuable guidance regarding your nutrition from something like FitnessGoal, a site that has a variety of articles about dietary advice. Change one thing with your diet. Eat an apple a day. Switch from full-sugar soda to diet soda. Switch from your four cans of diet soda to 3 bottles of water to one diet soda a day. Eat a protein muffin rather than a chocolate bar. These small changes can have the biggest impact and having a healthier diet will nourish your body. That way you have a goal and it’s reachable. Add one vegetable to your diet. When you start small, you can focus more of your time and energy on your gym efforts, before refining your nutrition when you start to improve in the gym. You may even get to the point where you are on sites like searching for your own customised nutrition plan! When I first started eating more healthy, I would eat an entire can of green beans with my main meal of the day. They were healthy, low calorie, and helped fill me up. When I ate at the hospital cafeteria, I would have a huge cookie as my dessert. I changed that to an orange, it helped satisfy the “sweet” ending I wanted.

Point Four-Everyone has to start somewhere. You’ve paid your money, the gym belongs to you too. I am currently a newby in two new sports-swimming and biking. I still don’t really know what I am doing in either sport, but I am out there and trying. I’ve swam more in December than the rest of 2016 combined!

Take the small steps so you will keep with it! Let’s make 2017 the year to a more fit you!

Project 50-Set a New Personal Record

PR in the United States means “personal record”.  The Brits will say “PB” for “personal best”.

Personal Record

One of my Project 50 was to set a new personal record.  At the time, it was thought I would do this running. Whether it be break 24 hours at Umstead, or a new PR at the 100 mile distance, or maybe beat my 5K or 50 mile time.

Knee surgery and osteoarthritis entered my life. I have set new PR’s. They’ve been on the bike  and not the run.

It’s kind of cool tackling a new activity. Every distance is a PR.  4 miles, six miles, ten miles! These are all the farthest distances I’ve biked before.

PR Bike Distance: 12.7 miles!! Woohoo! Yay me!!

It is a good milestone to have. I hope to look back on this in December 2017 and reflect how far I have gone. I  intend on completing a century (100 miles) ride in 2017.

Have you set a personal record or personal best this year?

Run at Mohican: Meet at the Covered Bridge

I re-discovered this essay of mine.   has always been a favorite training ground for me. Perhaps it’s time to go north and renew my soul. Enjoy!

“Run at Mohican.  Meet at the Covered Bridge.”

Covered Bridge Mohican

This was a Facebook post from Don Baun. Although I can’t join in this weekend, for this run, it just stimulated my Mohican yearnings, and our runs from Mohican.

My first introduction to running at Mohican was via Regis Shivers. I was an ultra-newby. I had just stopped by his house, to meet him, and his friend Jerry, another Mohican veteran, when I got the invite: “We’re running Mohican tomorrow, wanna come along?” Folks, I was just off my first ultra (50K) finish and IT-Band injury. My long run before the injury was 7 miles. Now I was planning on 13+ miles at Mohican! I happily joined up.

Gas Line Hill

This was where I met Tanya Cady and Roy Heger, two very experienced ultra runners. This is where I was running with Regis, who kept falling with a lot of alarming regularity (it turned out to be new bifocals) on these beautiful trails. My most favorite memory is running on the Orange Loop (the mountain bike trail) above the campground, thinking “oh there is no way I could run this at night” –which is now, such a happy memory, whenever I run this section at night. On the same “Orange Loop” (mountain bike) section I’ve remarked to Cheryl Splain on numerous occasions, we must hit and activate the secret “biker sounds” on this section.  I cannot ever remember running this section, without hearing a Harley cycle down on the road. Spring, summer, fall, winter, I seem to always hear a Harley through here.


The Covered Bridge is where we stage many training runs out of. It’s usually a simple post on the Yahoo! Mohican Group Page: Hey, running at Mo, run the Orange/Purple/Red-Green Sections, meet at the CB at 8 am… Experienced and late arriving runners can figure out where we are, and meet up. The Covered Bridge is the little epicenter of the previous Mohican 100 race Courses. Meeting at the CB means you can cover as little as 4 miles, and run as many as 50+ miles, meeting back up at your vehicle for refueling.

The Covered Bridge, and the little hike to Lyons Falls, is a big tourist attraction.   Lyons Falls MohicanThere is limited space at the CB for parking, and I’m sure sometimes us runners hogged it all. In 2008, a person found out what it meant for the “no parking” sign. A tree fell, right on a car in the “NO PARKING” zone. I guess the Park meant it about the no parking there!

Mohican Bridge

Many shivering pictures taken in front of the bridge as the last late comer arrives,  quickly snapped so we can head out on the trails. New runners to Mo arrives, are welcomed into the family. New friendships are built as folks find others with similar paces. No one gets left behind, because there are usually plenty of seasoned Mohican runners who can find shortcuts and trails-or not-to add or cut off miles.

Running at Mohican seems to be both preventative and curative medication for many a tired soul.  Mohican Trees Red Loop There is something about the beauty of the pine groves, Mark Godale Sighting Mohican the single track through the woods; the water crossings are there to wash away our troubles. Even that last mile back to the Covered Bridge-whether it’s splashing through water filled trail next to the river, or the 12 bridges on the Hog Hollow Trail (Green Loop) is beautiful.

Hog Hollow Trail Mohican Ohio

Even though it’s usually a huge relief to see that Covered Bridge again after covering 10/15/32 miles, it’s a bit sad to know that it’s almost time to leave.

First water crossing

Soaking the legs in the Clear Fork Branch of the Mohican River, in the shadow of the Covered Bridge, has also become part of the tradition. But usually after the soak, it’s time to get the smelly runner body in the vehicle, to wait for the next email: “Run at Mohican. Meet at the Covered Bridge.”