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Micro Adventure: Visit a New Town: Dayton

Greetings reader, as I stated in my last post, do something new this summer, visit a “new-to-you” town within your own state. We had a micro adventure, visiting a local town on the other side of the state, Dayton Ohio.

Daycation Vacation

Daycation Staycation

We decided to head over to the western side of Ohio, Dayton.  I have not been to Dayton since my college years of visiting a friend’s home, this was all new to us.

What To Do in Dayton

There is quite a bit to do in Dayton! First, it is the home of the Wright Brothers, printers, inventors, successfully launched the first flying machine. There are five Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Parks in the Dayton area.

Parachute Museum

The Air Force Museum is located in Dayton.  There is the Carillon Historical Park, which is a museum complex with more Wright Brothers history, the history of Dayton and of cash registers. Does anyone remember NCR-National Cash Register?

There are tons of outdoor activities! Kayak on the Miami River,  hit up a bike trail, or go hiking. Dayton is an authorized “Trail Town” by the Buckeye Trail Association, meaning it is friendly to hikers and has great amenities for your hike.

Antique Malls on the Way

We traveled west on I-70 to Dayton. There are three big antique malls to hit up on your travels if you are into that sort of thing-we are. I scored some new political buttons, and a new set of Staffordshire Spaniels!

Air Force Museum

If you are interested in history AND aviation, you have come to the right place! There are four hangars full of planes to marvel over. These are not small hangars either. Be prepared for LOTS of walking. Perhaps plan out your visit.

air force museum

This could take you four to six hours or two days in case you end up watching a movie while you are there.  But you know what? Admission is free, so take two days to take it all in!

Wright Brothers

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park


Wright Brother Quote

Parachute Bear

Anniversary Dinner

We wanted to go to a good restaurant that was not a steak house in Dayton! (It seemed the restaurants with the best reviews all were steakhouses.)  We went to Kitchen Corner in the Oregon district, and had the tasting menu.  I thought it was very good, my husband was not that impressed-except for his addition of poutine-that was really tasty!

Aviation Day

It was a fun weekend out of town, we left Saturday morning at 8 am and returned home about 5pm on Sunday. Even though it was just one night out, it did feel like we had “gotten off our hilltop” and had a small break in the regular schedule.

Have you gotten out of town for a small staycation?

Celebrate the Summer Solstice Spend a Night in a Fire Tower


fire tower


I am celebrating Summer 2017 by spending the night in a fire tower.

Why? Because it’s there. It sounds cool. A cool adventure indeed.

This fire tower is located at Seneca State Forest in West Virginia. It is patterned after a western style fire tower. It was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935 to provide better coverage of the Greenbrier River Valley. It stands at 53 feet with 69 steps to get to the 14′ X 14′ living quarters.  This is at 3445 feet above sea level, one of the highest standing towers in West Virginia.

There is no bathroom or electricity on the tower. There is a toilet and fire ring at the bottom of the tower, on the ground. I guess I will make sure I will have taken care of *everything* when I climb up for the night!

Stay tuned for the night in the clouds report!


Frozen Head Bound

I am going to Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee! I’m psyched!

Frozen Head Bound Weekend


Why on earth am I going to visit a state park in Tennessee the first weekend of April? Is this a joke? Nope, it’s the Barkley Marathons.

Barkley Marathons The Race That Eats It Young

Barkley Movie

If you read my blog at all, you will have an inkling what the Barkley is. If not, go here or here. From my blog in 2011 “He’s been at the Barkley, completed two laps..he’s a Barkley runner some murmured trail talk, looking at the unassuming skinny runner ahead. Newby ultra runners are in awe. Then someone asks the question, “what is the Barkley?”

The Barkley is April Fool’s Weekend 2017.

My History with the Barkley

Hold on to your Manhood Bib Barkley

From my blog in 2012..”I am such a Barkley geek.

I’ve been fascinated by this race since I became an ultra runner.  When I had my podcast, in 2007, I had the pleasure of interviewing Laz and then Flying Brian Robinson after his course record….”


Weekend Off

Bad Things Barkley Biblt ended up being my four day weekend off work. I had several options on fun things to do. There is a Wilderness First Aid Course at Spruce Knob, West Virginia. I could learn something, hike the great trails.

Excuses To Go

Barkley BibBut I also wanted to attend the Barkley in person, at least once! See the famous yellow gate, go for a hike or two, maybe catch a glimpse of a runner at the Fire Tower.  I know folks that are part of the race, but I didn’t have a compelling reason, other than just hanging out.


Bad Things Barkley Bib

I sent a few emails, seeing if any friends were in the race this year. Note: the list of runners is not made public. Runners may “out” themselves, such as Gary Robbins, Mike Wardian, Jamil Coury have declared.  Other runners keep it on the down low.

A friend of mine is in the race, and I am crewing for my friend! I don’t have permission at this time to say whether my friend is “Out” or not, so no names at this time.

Crewing Responsibilities

This might be the easiest crew job ever. I will only see my runner once a loop, when they return to camp. I will have soup, wraps, coffee, soda, ready to serve, first aid kit available. The idea is to do a quick turn around and get them back Out There. Then my day will be mine to hang out at the campground or go for a hike.

Are you going to follow the Barkley this weekend? Check #BM100 for any updates!

Back from New Zealand!

We have returned from New Zealand! We left on February 2 and returned on February 16. A very good vacation. This is just a few pictures of our experience on the North Island:

tarawera course

Great places to run through the woods

clevedon coast oystersOysters fresh off the boat

Haku FallsClear blue water such clear water in the rivers!gardensBeautiful gardens

Lake TaupoOutstanding viewscoffeeExcellent coffee EVERYWHERE

Sky Tower AucklandLandmarks

Kennedy Point WineryWine. Lots of really good wineMission WineryFriends! We have a great time with our Kiwi Friends Robert and Lynda! Some much more detailed posts to follow in a few days!