Project 50

Celebration of Turning 50

I am turning fifty and I’m stoked!

I am happy to make it to age fifty. How do you approach to turning fifty?

Let’s look at the science on how we feel about *old people*:

Scientists are discovering something very peculiar about aging: How we feel about getting old matters. A lot.

Negative stereotypes about aging are pervasive in America. Even many older adults embrace the idea that getting old is a bad thing—which means they’re doing potentially serious harm to their health without realizing it.

I have never really felt my age. I remember running a 100 mile race a few years ago. The male runner next to me finally asked my age. I said 42, and he asked if I was lying. Now, why on earth would I lie about being 42? Wouldn’t I bump that down to 39?

I changed my lifestyle in my early forties and lost weight and began exercising and never looked back. However, I’ve been feeling many health impacts of being fifty-we could start at hot flashes and move on from there..

To celebrate my full year at age fifty, I decided to take on fifty activities/projects. Some items I have wanted to do; some items are completely new to me; several are destined to push me out of my comfort zone.

Some activities will happen at certain times of the year, like celebrating my birthday in Grenada, running the Umstead 100, and the obstacle course race. Others may happen when they happen-like view a bald eagle or see a meteor shower. That may be very happenstance.

Others are pretty simple. Like, eat a new fruit. Grow some awesome sunflowers.

As of December 25, I have 51 items on my list. I reserve the right to add/subtract items from the list, but this is the back bone of the list.

Edited: I had knee surgery in April, so consequently some Project 50 activities are now off the list, and others could be rather “iffy” at this time. Time for a few revisions to the List!

The Project 50 List

Celebrate my birthday in Grenada

Eat cake for my birthday (a birthday cake!)

Make a photo album/scrapbook of all my beloved dogs

Creat a Time capsule

Visit fifty parks, whether city, county, state, or national-??

White water rafting at Ohiopyle

Organize my photos

Go kayaking


Read a Sherlock Holmes novel

Listen to some popular music and find some songs I like

Memorize a new poem

Find and attend a local yoga class

Make my husband a picture from his favorite flowers from our property

Attend an Ignite Talk

Update our wills, power of attorney, advance directives, central spot where all this will be stored, majority of this we’re able to do with a service such as LPA Now and the likes.

Be vegetarian for a day…or a week

Try oil pulling

Adopt a portion of the Buckeye Trail for trail maintenance

Send a note/postcard/funny card every month to both sets of parents (in addition to birthdays/anniversary) and my nephew

Figure out instagram

Eat a new fruit

Visit a new trail

Go zip lining

Give money to a homeless person without reservation

Make a gingerbread house

Attend a local festival

Break 24 hours at Umstead

Make a scarecrow for my garden

Take my bike on a mountain bike trail

Start a podcast

Snowboard or ski again

Make a sock monkey

Paint a picture

Run an obstacle course race-????

Visit a new museum

Be able to do a pull up

Get my CCW-Done!

See a bald eagle

Go orienteering

Clean out my clothes closets

Participate in a local clean up the river/lake

Update my resume

Visit Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob

Get a colonoscopy

Cook a meal for Dennis

Grow successfully some cool sunflowers

Set a new PR


Try a dance class

Sing karaoke

See a meteor shower

Rebrand my website-done!

Grow a new vegetable