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A New Run on old Running Grounds

No pictures today. Well, actually one, since it quit raining at 13.72 miles of my run today-not that I was counting or anything.

wooden bridge

The husband mentioned we still needed to procure heartworm medicine for our fattest dog (the three previous places were out) and I mentioned I could possibly run over at Lake Park, the next town over, and then go to the store for the medicine.

The hubs mentioned early Sunday that I might want to start my run sooner than later. Although the weather forecast called for 100% chance of rain, the temperature was 66 degrees. BUT as the hours went on, the temperature was going to drop also.

This bike asphalt trail was my normal training ground when I worked in town. With all the rain, I decided to NOT take the actual singletrack trail with my road shoes on.

I started running on the asphalt bike trail and within two minutes the rain was beating down. Acck! I haven’t even gotten warmed up yet.

Although the temperature was about sixty degrees, I was not counting on the strong wind that was blowing the rain sidewise. I was not feeling this run. But then the trail turned, and now the wind was behind me. Okay.

I got warmed up, but every turn into the wind drove my temperature down again. I was listening to Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast, where Brett talked about being miserable on his training, so that actually perked me up a bit that SOMEBODY else was miserable too!

Then I started listening to an awesome interview on the Tim Ferris Show with a Navy Seal, Jock Willink, and that really empowered me to keep moving, keep going. I have a 100 mile race in 96 days!

I didn’t really get that good a look around Lake Park, it was easier to keep my head down.  Given that I can loop back to my vehicle in 3 miles, I will be back over there again for some more training miles.

16 Mile Run


Today’s schedule called for a 16 mile run. After the snow of the last few days, I knew going to the woods would be a huge slow slog. With the snow on the roads-meaning no berm, or place of safety to jump off to, I decided to just stay on my township backroads.

But how to get a 16 miler in? I consulted my old standby, gmap-pedometer, to piece together a route. I decided on my usual “bread and butter” route, which, with a few out and backs, I can turn into about 8 miles.

Instead of turning left, toward home, on the state route, I turned and ran right, to “Horseshoe Bend Road West”. This then links me up with my usual route, and I ran this in reverse.

So basically, lollipop on a stick route.


No real great views. Overcast day.  It started drizzling on me early. I had the Zune in a plastic baggie.

The road, which is mud/gravel was totally snowed and iced over. I was picking my route carefully. I would either run in snow at the side, look for gravel or ruts to run in.

As I continued, the roads got worse. Even with screwed shoes I was slipping. The mail-person stopped to chat with me, asked me how the road was. I told her it was a sheet of ice past the Amish farm, and she turned around. (She then took a different route in, as I saw her on Horseshoe Bend Road West, so the mail did get delivered!)

Even so, I had a good run. I love the long run on my day off work, it’s guilt free and I don’t (sometimes) have time constraints.  My gloves got soaked in the last two miles, and I got a little chilled, but it still wasn’t so bad.   32 F and rain is far better than 13 F and high winds.

I should have taken a picture at the end of the run, I did look like a little bedraggled mouse.

Another mental training day, although an “easy” one for me. For some reason, I was just stoked about the run in adverse conditions, so it didn’t even bother me when it started raining even before I donned my running clothes.

“Mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.”

November Training Goals

November Goals

It’s time to get back to training! I had some cross training that I wanted to incorporate into my workouts, but I knew better than to start any new projects right before a big ultra. Now that the race is over with, I’ve successfully recovered, it’s time to move on and get back to training.

Cross Training Goals:

Strength training: Running is a good way to build bone density, but as a 48 year old female runner, I need to think about conserving bone density. The odds of osteoporosis rises in the menopausal female. I take my calcium and Vitamin D supplements daily. I also have my blood work done to make sure my calcium and Vitamin D levels stay in the normal range! Strength training can help prevent and even build bone density in women!

Plank a Day Challenge!


Core strength is good for runners. I’ve never finished a plank challenge month. It’s on, again!


This could be titled, Yoga and Stretching. I need and want to get back into a stretching program. This is one of my goals for November, to get back into stretching. I want to also explore some “Yoga for Runners” online videos and try to make this a regular practice. A friend of mine has just got back from Marianne Wells Yoga School so I’m sure she’ll be able to give me some new yoga tips. I don’t know much about yoga which is why I don’t do it as often as I should, but I really want to get back into it. Yoga is great for the body and mind so it’s a really important thing to do in my opinion!

How did I do on Day One?

I did some bicep work, for my strength training and it was pretty tough I have to admit. I did Day One of Plank Training-Yay! I did some a set of Windshield Wipers and one set of 10 basic crunches. I’m a bit embarrassed to say these were not easy, but hey, I have to start somewhere.

No Yoga or stretching, but I also did not run today. I’ve got my next two weeks schedule, from the Coach and I’m going running tomorrow. When I return, I am going to stretch!